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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Artist Profile: Daniel Gorman #GMRM

I had the privilege of being able to ask Second Sight comic book artist Daniel Gorman some questions about his work and a little bit more.

GR: What was the first thing you learned to draw well?

DG: The first thing I ever really learned to draw were the characters from Garfield when I was in Kindergarten/1st Grade.  I would draw them for the kids in my class all the time.  It's when I realized I had some talent at drawing and wanted to be a cartoonist.
GR: What type of art do you like to create the most?

DG: I like comic book Illustration more than anything. Specifically Cover paintings or pinups. 
GR: What is your dream art project?

DG:  I don't know that I have one. I used to think it was being the artist on Amazing Spider-man.  If you would have asked 12 year old me this question that's what he would have said. But after working in the industry the last decade or so I've learned a lot and my dream project is probably something of my own creation that would allow me to just do that and not have to worry about other work or holding a job to pay the bills.  Being able to live off of telling my own story would be my dream project.
GR: Do you have another talent you would be pursuing if you weren’t creating art?

  DG: I played in hard rock bands as a guitarist in college.  I would probably be chasing that dream.  I was always better at drawing than playing the guitar, however.
GR: What is the next project you’re looking forward to?

DG: Right now I'm working on Mississippi Zombie and Harvest of Horror for Second Sight Studios as well as drawing a series which will be published by Source Point Press. I'm not really looking past that right now.  That's enough to worry about at the moment.

You can check out more of Dan's work at his website:

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